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Who is Neat Capital

Founded in 2015, Neat Capital is reinventing mortgage lending: without the hassle, paperwork, and frustration. Antiquated processes and arcane underwriting standards frustrate borrowers. We deliver a modern approach to mortgage lending that's simple, transparent, and lower cost.


We are headquartered in Boulder, CO with offices in San Francisco, CA, Westport, CT and Boca Raton, FL. 

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Our Specialty

We specialize in larger loans often common in competitive, urban housing markets such as San Francisco. This specialty allows us to offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. We're experts in unique borrower situations, meaning we can easily validate income of borrowers with less traditional sources of income such as those who are self employed, own businesses or invest in real estate. We help clients win a bid on a home with a cash-like offer and the ability to close in 2 weeks.

Our Values

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Simplicity & Transparency

We will only present simple loans and transparently disclose all fees to borrowers. We will never disguise the true cost of borrowing by developing complex products that are challenging to understand and evaluate.

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Innovation in Mortgage Lending

We strive to provide the fastest, most efficient, and most affordable mortgages available to consumers. The automated application process is designed to minimize borrower frustration and improve underwriting objectivity.

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Be Clean

We will remain clean, even in a tarnished industry. We’ll always do our best to promote the best interests of market stakeholders, particularly borrowers, above our own business interests.

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Our Team

We're a small, hard-working team passionate about innovating in the mortgage space.

Luke Johnson Headshot
Luke Johnson
Founder & CEO
Ryan Brennan Headshot
Ryan Brennan
Tom Furey Headshot
Tom Furey
Co-Founder & SVP Product Development, Finance & Lending
Steve Herschleb Headshot
Steve Herschleb
Co-Founder & CTO
Ashay Brahmbhatt Headshot
Ashay Brahmbhatt
Director of Operations
Chris  Carmichael Headshot
Chris Carmichael
National Sales Director
Jared Barnett Headshot
Jared Barnett
Senior Developer
Justin  Carmichael Headshot
Justin Carmichael
Director of Mortgage Lending
Eric Cook Headshot
Eric Cook
Business Development, CT
Heather  Fennert Headshot
Heather Fennert
Wonder Woman
Heather Harrison Headshot
Heather Harrison
Director of Business Development, CO & CA
Jennifer Hill Headshot
Jennifer Hill
Loan Processor
Barbara Langhorst Headshot
Barbara Langhorst
Senior Home Loan Processor
Rob  Rudolph Headshot
Rob Rudolph
Home Loan Advisor
Isaac Stokes Headshot
Isaac Stokes
Director of Business Development, CO
Eric Thomas Headshot
Eric Thomas
Senior Developer
Chuck Threshie Headshot
Chuck Threshie
Senior Home Loan Advisor
Don Valentas Headshot
Don Valentas
Business Development, CT

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