Meet Neat Capital

The journey from pre-approval to home purchase just got a whole lot shorter. ​

At Neat Capital, we work with everyone from first-time buyers who are brand new to
home-purchasing, to successful entrepreneurs who are looking to secure their next investment properties. As experts in complex financial situations, we know exactly what it takes to close any type of loan. We’re currently licensed in California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, New Mexico, Texas, and Washington.

Our Story

When we decided to create Neat Capital, we started our mission to clean up the entire mortgage lending process. We wanted to leverage technology to analyze even the most complex financial situations. This way, we could approve and secure loans quickly and easily. From there, we’d work backward to ensure each step of our lending process would be intuitive and transparent for our busy home buyers.

And we did just that. Neat Capital re-built home financing so that even the most complex home loans could close 3x faster than the industry average.  

As a FinTech company and mortgage lender, Neat Capital works directly with home buyers, and also develops strong partnerships with real estate brokers, wealth managers, CPAs, and corporations. This way, no matter what part of the home-buying process you’re involved in—the home buyer’s journey from point A to B becomes more reliable, organized, and effortless.

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How We Help

Our 3-minute instant pre-approval gives buyers the power to submit offers immediately.

Our platinum pre-approval process allows buyers with complex financial situations to make cash offers—with no financial contingencies—in as little as two days. 

We help homeowners efficiently find the best refinancing solution, including cash out and no-cost options.

What People Say About Neat

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Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

We also have offices in Westport, CT and San Jose, CA. We currently lend in CA, CO, CT, DC, NM, TX, and WA.

Grow your career with a modern lender.

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Buy or sell your home
with Neat Homes.

Neat Capital’s real estate offering, Neat Homes, provides traditional real estate services at a fraction of the price to buyers and sellers in Colorado. By focusing on critical risk factors earlier in the transaction, such as inspection and appraisal, Neat Homes is able to reduce uncertainty in what is often a challenging and reiterative process.

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