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without the hassle, paperwork and frustration.

We deliver a modern approach to home lending that's efficient, transparent, and allows you to close faster.

Outdated home loan procedures have long frustrated borrowers. We believe clients deserve better, and created a process and technology that allows us to eliminate many of inefficiencies so common in home lending. Our unique approach allows us to be experts in special situations such as jumbo loans, or in working with borrowers that are self-employed, own businesses, or invest in real estate. 

Our values make the difference.


We disclose all fees up front and never hide borrowing costs behind complex products.


We strive to provide the fastest and most efficient home loans available. 

Be Neat

We’re unwavering in our commitment to integrity and transparency.

We're headquartered in Boulder, CO

We have offices in Westport, CT and San Jose, CA. We currently lend in AR, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, MD, NM, TX and WA.

Ready to make a cash-like offer? We can help you close in less than two weeks.

Our tenured experts are united by a passion to improve home lending.

Luke Johnson
Founder & CEO
Tom Furey
Co-Founder & SVP of Lending
Steve Herschleb
Co-Founder & CTO
Chris Carmichael
National Sales Director
Ashay Brahmbhatt
VP of Operations
& Risk Management

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Neat Capital’s real estate offering, Neat Homes, provides traditional real estate services at a fraction of the price to buyers and sellers in Colorado. By focusing on critical risk factors earlier in the transaction, such as inspection and appraisal, Neat Homes is able to reduce uncertainty in what is often a challenging and reiterative process. Learn more at

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