Catrina Hegarty

Business Development Representative

Catrina has over 15 years of experience in the mortgage, finance and marketing industries with a focus on developing and servicing client relationships. She prides herself on her excellent customer service and attention to detail and believes that the most successful business partnerships must be mutually beneficial. As a Business Development professional at Neat, Catrina sees the value in the cutting edge, completely transparent Neat platform and works hard each day to introduce the tremendous benefits this brings to her vast network of real estate professionals, financial advisors and business partners.

Catrina Hegarty is a lead generator only, not acting in the capacity of a mortgage loan originator, mortgage broker, mortgage correspondent lender or mortgage lender. Information received will be shared with neat capital in connection with your residential mortgage loan inquiry.

Personalized Service

Call Catrina at 917.355.7894 to get started, or message her below.