Learn the considerations to financing an investment property
Before you invest a chunk of your savings into areas such as the stock market, you may want to consider looking into an investment property instead. There are benefits and precautions to investing in real estate and we’d like to offer both sides of the coin.
Know how much of your bonus income applies towards you mortgage before applying for a home
To ensure as much of your income is accounted for during the loan application process, it’s imperative to understand the types of incentive income, how your eligibility will be considered, and how this could affect timing for obtaining the home of your dreams.
You’re not the only one who’s asked us why you can’t get a rate like your neighbor! Find out how your unique situation impacts the seven primary factors that are used to calculate your interest rate.
Reserves are defined as the amount of cash that you will be required to have in your accounts, “reserved” after the closing of your loan. It is important to understand reserves and how they impact your rate.
Imagine that you’ve found the perfect home, received a pre-approval letter and sold your existing home. Then, right before closing, your lender informs you of a drastic rate increase. What would you do?
To avoid unexpected changes in your down payment, interest rate and loan requirements, we provide pre-purchase approvals with modern, updated technology that offer you greater confidence and certainty in your offer.
In an industry with little certainty and many opportunities for things to go terribly wrong, modern lenders are now employing technology to offer tech savvy consumers an opportunity to receive approvals with greater simplicity and certainty.
Instead of spending months collecting documentation and scrambling when it’s time to close, real time underwriting means we collect all required materials for you and provide live feedback upfront in our “interview-style” online platform.
When shopping for a new home, there are a number of obstacles that you’ll face: timing, personalities, market upheavals, and more. A little foresight and planning can help you overcome some difficulties before they arise.