Loan Approval Certainty

In an industry with little certainty and many opportunities for things to go terribly, terribly wrong, it is groundbreaking that modern lenders are now employing technology to offer tech savvy consumers an opportunity to receive approvals with greater simplicity and certainty.

A service that has historically been overcome by frustrating, long, drawn-out processes is now becoming hip, modern and neat. Neat Capital is at the forefront of these movers and shakers.

If you walked into any mortgage company right now and asked for a loan, you'd begin step one and two of hundreds of tasks. You'd spend the next month or three sending documentation to the company and surprises would indefinitely pop up in a seemingly never-ending process, leaving you frustrated, exhausted and ready to give up.

Why can’t you have more control and certainty? The traditional process is messy. We don't want you to feel as though you must prove yourself every time there's another obstacle in the process of closing your home loan.

To accelerate the mortgage industry into the modern era, there is now a technology that intuitively collects your information, unique to your personal situation, that is underwritten upfront in "real time." Now you can get everything you need with one simple application.

Here's an example of how certainty advanced another industry: What feels more certain? Standing on the street waiting for a taxi with your hand in the air looking for a yellow car to drive by or relaxing in your air-conditioned home, ordering a car through your uber app with an estimated eta based on traffic, fixed rate, exact location services and a driver rating?

Underwriting = Loan Approval

An underwriter is someone who analyzes your merit to earn approval for a loan and the underwriting process includes requirements to determine the quality of such loan. On average, this process takes 46 days to complete however with Neat Capital, we're capable of closing your loan in 14 days. Here's how: read more about our innovative technology and real time results in our post, "Why is Real Time Underwriting Important?".

How Does Technology Improve Certainty?

We infused our innovative technology with the underwriter's evaluation process to create certainty and reduce time. This creates quick feedback to help inform the decision you will make about your future property. With certainty and reliable data, you're well equipped to make a competitive offer and secure the home you want now, not in three months.

The advantages of certainty in the loan approval process:

  1. Down Payment Assurance
  2. Interest Rate Certainty
  3. Communicate a Stronger Offer, Get Your Dream Home

That's neat, huh?

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