Why Is Real Time Underwriting Important?

The reality of buying a home in today’s fast paced market is that you don't have the time to wait for the slow-moving process of the past. If you’re anything like us, you hardly have time to sleep eight hours a day, let alone ensure you have certainty that you can move into your dream home on time (even within the next 14 days)… what would you say if there was a better way to close your home loan in real time, with real results?

Complex Just Became Easy

Thankfully, there’s a modern tech-savvy solution. Instead of spending months collecting documentation and scrambling when it’s time to close, real time underwriting means we collect all required materials for you and provide live feedback upfront in our “interview-style” online platform.

This provides you with more certainty and transparency through state-of-the-art software which automatically evaluates your financials, collects all the required material and provides live feedback while you progress through the interview.

Before you are finished, you will know exactly where you stand with the required income and the required assets for the loan you need. No more waiting two weeks for an underwriter to review your “file” and get back to you!

What this means for you: a one-session application with no surprises later.

One Session, Complete, Interview-Style Application

When you sit down to answer the questions within our extensive application, it will feel like an interview, except you'll be at home drinking coffee and pants are optional. Our streamlined technology will ask you specific questions about your income, real estate holdings, and allow you to automatically link any bank or brokerage accounts.

Based on your answers, the intuitive system will provide you with real-time feedback on what you can afford with information on loan amount, down payment options, and costs.

The system will request and collect necessary documents even before you jump on the phone with a Home Loan Adviser. The intuitive questions prepare you for a smooth and simple loan process, something none of our competitors can offer.

Knowing that you qualify upfront makes your life easier and takes the time, frustration and guesswork out of the approval process.

Other 90 second applications are great at hooking you in with a quick pre-approval, but don’t provide certainty that you really qualify, what your ultimate interest rate will be, or if you’ll be required to document that you meet the monthly payment reserve requirement.

Details matter when you are buying a home, particularly if you are self-employed, are seeking to purchase a higher-end home, have a non- traditional income structure, hold other real estate, or have alternative obligations (such as alimony).

These situational details are typically overlooked, often only recognized far too late in the traditional loan process which may hinder your ability to close and secure your home with a competitive offer.

Transparent Results

Unlike other home lenders, we let you make the decision for yourself. We show you our best priced loan options that meet your unique needs, transparently present fees and costs, and allow you to select from all available down payment options.

You sit in the driver's seat, evaluate all your options and come to a decision without feeling pressured by anyone else. You can rest easy knowing you made the right decision for yourself rather than saying yes to an offer you were sold.

Gone are the days of manipulation by lenders who present limited options. Take the first step yourself by clicking the link below to begin the application process.

Start Real Time Application for Home Loan Approval

Experience our "interview-style" approach through our online application and receive a real-time analysis of your qualification result and see all your options all from the comfort of your home computer, tablet or phone.

When you are ready: apply now.


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Neat Capital is different in every way. We’ve reinvented the mortgage from application to close, focusing on creating the ideal borrower experience.

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