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Quick Mortgage Refinance Calculator

The purpose of this calculator is to provide a high level understanding of the potential benefits of a refinance. The more accurate the information you input, the more accurate the calculator's results will be.

Know where you stand

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See if your income & assets qualify even before you submit your application.  If you don't get our best rate, you'll know why.  

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Your Optimal Loan

Compare loans and see the impact on your interest rate when you adjust the down payment.  

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Specialists in Large Loans

Experience our smooth loan approval, whether you receive a steady salary, run your own business or have investments.

What Our Clients are Saying

"... the mortgage process always seems daunting. Neat Capital completely changed my mind and outlook."

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"100x Better…"

We refinanced our home in October 2016…. The experience was easily 100x better and easier than our previous mortgage only a year prior… We hooked up our accounts and the data refreshed automatically, saving us hours of work. I expect this experience to get simpler and more seamless (and it was already fantastic).

Jens & Teen | Louisville, CO

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"Effortless Mortgage Refinancing"

The paperwork was less of a burden than my original mortgage. The team modeled at least 8 different scenarios so I could find the best loan for me. They inspired trust and demonstrated considerable expertise. They nudged me through the process, enabling me to get a great rate, right before the rates went up.

Adam | Boulder, CO