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Career Jumpstart Program – An Intro to FinTech Start-up

Whether you’re a new grad or looking to change direction in your current career, Neat’s jumpstart program will get you in the door at a Boulder-based FinTech startup.

We’re reinventing the traditional home financing and real estate process. And during your time at Neat, you will have an ownership in this local start-up and be part of our wild growth story. Even if you aren’t quite sure what you’d like to do next, we can introduce you to career options across many functions:

  • Inside sales & marketing
  • Client relations (customer service)
  • Loan production (operations)
  • Finance and capital markets
  • Project management
  • Human resources

You don’t have to be a mortgage expert to be successful at Neat. Our best folks tend to be great athletes, successful academics, or highly social folks that get their energy from learning and doing super hard things well.

This program allows team members to join interdisciplinary projects, develop their own ideas for innovation and continuous improvement, and be considered for mentorship opportunities.

Dozens of people have completed this program successfully–and you can speak with any of them directly throughout the interview process. Here are some success stories from folks that all started less than a year ago:

  • Amanda joined our capital markets group from CU’s real estate program. She is now in charge of our most advanced pricing strategies and makes sure we deliver incredibly strong pricing for our clients and sales team. Pippen, another CU grad, ended up leading a project to hedge our own interest rate risk, which is certain to have a multi-million-dollar impact on the company this year.
  • Andy was a student-athlete at CSU Pueblo who joined our marketing team, and is now in charge of our most sophisticated digital marketing analyses and campaigns
  • Carter was a recent grad and professional baseball player, joined our team as a client coordinator this summer, and rapidly became among our best. He has been promoted and is now in charge of the performance and accountability for the entire nationwide team of client coordinators.
  • Kayla is a trail runner on a PHD track in linguistics at UC Davis, and Anna was a ski-racing coach and grad of Plymouth State University in NH– both are now handling all of our toughest troubleshooting in loan production as loans are sold into the secondary market.
  • Mariah graduated from Franklin and Marshall college with degrees in Business and Psychology. Her unique educational background that spans from studying in Denmark to teaching in South America, combined with extracurriculars as a D3 student athlete, active member of student government and VP of Community Service for her sorority, has allowed her flexibility and customization within a program such as Neat’s career jumpstart. She managed and participated in projects spanning from recruitment, sales marketing D2C support, hiring, corporate communications and more, and can be a great resource on the experience of a recent grad transitioning into an early career.
  • Travis is a CU Boulder grad in finance, became an excellent client coordinator…then expressed an interest in finance and showed us his ninja VBA and excel skills. He automated our commissions schedules, loan statements, and has been promoted to lead the development of our analytics platform.

What do all of these folks have in common? They are super hard working, incredibly friendly and warm, and enjoy learning new things. And we are super lucky to work with them.

Compensation & Benefits

All participants in the program will receive an hourly rate of $20/hour and an immediately vested 4% 401k match. Throughout this 1-year program, career growth potential is excellent and all up to you; we definitely have a track record of promoting from within based on strong performance.

Neat provides generous medical benefits, excellent vacation, and various perks such as health club sponsorship, free RTD passes, and warm cookies!

Please note: This is an office-based position in Boulder where you’ll be engaged with and learn from the team around you, and we expect hires to obtain Covid vaccinations to keep us all safe.

About Neat

It’s 2021. People want a transparent, organized, and digital-first home loan experience, but the traditional mortgage process remains broken. Neat was created with the singular (yet foundational) mission to clean up the entire home financing experience. 

So what does “modernizing the home-buying experience” actually look like? Neat’s technology delivers certainty in approving clients 3x faster than the industry average and helps clients win their home bid with a cash-like offer, all while providing a level of end-to-end transparency that is unmatched in the market. Simply put, Neat provides a mortgage without the mess. 

We’re building a great place to work. 

At Neat, we surround ourselves with people who are inspired by the work they do, and we genuinely enjoy spending time with each other. 

You can often find us interacting outside of the office at powder days, company-sponsored events, or hiking/climbing opportunities. And while in the office, you can catch our team competing for the title of ping-pong champion (if anyone can beat our CTO Steve Herschleb), relaxing in the mediation room, or enjoying local beer, warm cookies, and games on our outdoor patio. 

Although team culture is a huge benefit at Neat, we also provide the stuff that matters most. 

Neat provides competitive compensation and benefits, and we encourage a healthy work-life balance. On day one, employees are eligible for excellent medical benefits (75% individual premium covered by Neat), an immediately vested 4% 401k match, free RTD transportation passes, and gym reimbursement.

Plus, when you join Neat, you’ll become an equity owner in a business with epic growth potential. The career possibilities are unlimited. 

Career Paths at Neat

The following sample positions are intended to provide context of initial role possibilities in real estate and mortgage banking that may be piloted during the program that candidates may wish to pursue upon completion of the program. No individual will be expected to work in all roles, and Neat may customize any career path or job opportunity based on a candidate’s interests and skillset. Each department has its own base compensation and incentive structure per role beyond the training program. We’ll be glad to share that information with our applicants.

Operations:  Client Coordinators
Client coordinators are responsible for the nuts and bolts to ensure home financing is a seamless journey. These individuals are responsible for coordinating activities of third parties to reach closing on time (including appraisers, title companies, home insurance companies, etc.), gathering requested documents from a client, organizing and reviewing information to make sure a client qualifies, and the loan is “complete”, and scheduling closing. Successful individuals in these roles are incredibly detailed oriented, are excellent project managers, enjoy speaking with clients over the phone, are computer system savvy, and enjoy the challenge of working on 50 different things at once. These individuals have excellent customer service skills designed to execute – meaning these individuals know how to obtain what is required from clients with specific instructions and their polite sense of urgency.

Sales & Customer Service: Loan Officer
Loan officers are the customer voice for a home financing organization. Loan officers spend at least 60-80 percent of their time on the phone helping address client questions, working to educate clients about affordability/qualification, pricing loans, and structuring loans. Strong loan officers answer all calls (even in off hours), provide outstanding follow-up (and follow-through), and tend to be competitive or self-starters. This position requires phone endurance and a relentlessly positive attitude. Modern “inside” loan officers receive leads generated from a company’s marketing effort and fund clients home loans.

Sales & Customer Service: Real Estate Agent
Real estate agents are the heart and soul of a real estate brokerage and are excellent sources of advice during a home buying or selling journey. Agents are adept at setting expectations with clients and other real estate agents, are the voice of the consumer during negotiations, and are busiest on nights and weekends when offers need to be submitted (or responded to). Strong real estate agents answer all calls, provide outstanding follow-up (and follow-through), and tend to be client-oriented to make things right.

Capital Markets/Lock Desk
The lock desk manages interest rate risk for a mortgage bank. Lock desk professionals quickly work through pricing scenarios, handle multiple systems to orchestrate locking a loan, and double check to ensure a loan is likely to qualify for a given program. A lock desk is also the entry point into the capital markets group of a mortgage bank responsible for determining internal margins, evaluating alternative loan sale strategies, and performing a ton of financial analysis.

Analytics, Accounting & Finance
Neat has a broad array of analytics, accounting and finance opportunities ranging from dashboard reporting to guide management with key performance indicators, accounting to book intricately detailed revenue entries, commission analysis to determine compensation for team members, and financial reporting to deliver actual and forecasted performance to venture investors.

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