Compliance Officer

Boulder, CO

Become an early employee at a Boulder-based FinTech startup that’s reinventing the traditional mortgage lending process. We’re delivering a modern, fast, automated experience for the borrowers that is unparalleled in the industry. Our average timelines to close a mortgage are one-third the industry average, and we’re the fastest mortgage lender in the country.

Help solve real world problems in a $235B market. Neat Capital has a proven business model with strong projected margins. You’ll have an equity stake with very interesting upside potential.

We are looking for a compliance officer with deep knowledge of lending regulations to help in building our operations the right way. This professional will help us develop and implement our compliance programs, which will include development of policies and procedures, training staff, and implementing testing procedures. You will find yourself wearing many hats, helping answer loan level questions, evaluating vendors, developing reporting and data analysis, and thinking through creative ways to disrupt mortgage lending the right way.

You will be a key stakeholder to help sales and production build an efficient compliance program that does not jeopardize closing and turn time expectations (we expect to close loans in under two weeks), and you will help us ensure we are making the cleanest, most compliant loans on the market.

Main Responsibilities

  • Developing and implementing an effective and efficient compliance management program (including compliance training, testing, and reporting)
  • Maintaining readiness and managing third party evaluations and audits to include investor counter parties, regulators, and others.
  • Monitoring ongoing regulatory changes and implementing effective compliance controls.
  • Collaborating effectively with sales, operations, technology, and marketing team members.
  • Managing compliance resource costs efficiently to appropriately scale the compliance program in-line with production

The ideal candidate has the following experience and skills:

  • Compliance, audit and/or control oversight work experience required in mortgage origination
  • Deeply knowledgeable of federal and state mortgage lending regulations and resourceful in quickly answering tough questions.
  • Creative approach to problem solving in an innovative environment
  • Integrity and alignment in values related to improving customer education, lending transparency, timelines, and customer experience
  • Strong communication skills and ability to build trust-based relationships to build on a culture of compliance and serve as a dependable resource to team.
  • Self-starter and organized with the ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Fantastically computer savvy.

Other Qualifications

  • Must be able to thrive in a startup environment; it’s a roller coaster and not for everyone.
  • Must be flexible and open to change. Things happen quickly around here and you have to keep up.
  • We have a strict no-assholes policy, and have fired employees for not adhering to it. If you work here, you must treat all customers, partners, contractors, other employees, etc. with respect. It’s okay to disagree and challenge one another, but it’s not okay to be an asshole.

Why You Might Want to Work Here

  • We’re a driven team with deep industry experience so you can learn from your team
  • We do the right thing, always put the client above our own business interests, value transparency, and seek to have a positive impact on our community.
  • We know getting a mortgage is a huge pain, and we want to bring comfort, confidence, and clarity to the process … and love to do this through tech.
  • We’re outdoor enthusiasts with love for all the awesome things to do in our wonderful state, so sometimes we do things like ski days or hiking after work.
  • While we’re a lean startup, we still know how important it is to celebrate accomplishments. For example, we threw a party in a park (with spikeball!) for our first borrower.
  • We strive to create a diverse workspace, which includes three female co-founders.
  • We’ve donated 1% of our company equity to charity.
  • You’ll work with an experienced and passionate team – one we hope will be the best in your career.

You’ll get a salary, commission/bonus, equity, benefits, excellent vacation, LaCroix, etc.

Neat Capital Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Ready to Apply?

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