Quality Assurance Engineer

Boulder, CO

About the position

Note: this is currently a 100% remote position due to COVID-19, but we’ll all get back to the office as soon as we can.

Seeking our first QA hire at a start-up seeking to make buying or selling a home frictionless. Neat has developed an end-to-end home selling, buying, and financing platform designed to deliver a one session process. Our service yields massive savings for our clients, provides transparent education to put them in control of the process, and delivers the certainty of cash-like financing. In short, we clean up the entire transaction to make it neat. We recently closed our series A financing and are growing like crazy.

We’re looking to bring on our first QA engineer that’s passionate about providing amazing software quality. Since you’ll be the first dedicated QA team member, you’ll have the opportunity to do things right, pick the best tools, and design the best possible processes. 

You won’t be starting from zero. The tech team has strong testing practices in place already, including:

  • Extensive unit tests, in many cases 100% coverage
  • Integration tests for critical functions
  • Automation for CI/CD
  • A relationship with a top outsourced QA testing firm that handles manual testing, UX bugs, and usability testing

We’d like to upgrade our QA, and that’s where you come in. You’ll be integrated as a core tech team member, and work with the developers on their projects to help get features, fixes and enhancements into production faster.

Some of the key responsibilities will be:

  • Setting up more mature QA processes
  • Working with the team leaders to ensure tickets are spec’d appropriately for QA acceptance
  • Lead the software release process, ensuring that each change is tested and that the overall system correctly functions. Testing would include both manual and automated.
  • Setup, write and execute automated tests
  • Monitor systems, investigate issues and file bug reports. 
  • Work with internal sales, operations and marketing team members to identify issues
  • Work with the developers to implement and release fixes. 
  • Manage our outsourced manual testing service to ensure we’re leveraging that relationship to the fullest. 

The ideal candidate has at least a few years of QA experience. You should be comfortable with an agile dev process and an in-depth understanding of all things QA. You should be a detail oriented person! Bonus points if you have experience with a test automation framework.

Other Qualifications

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