Rotational Training Program

Boulder, CO

About the position

Want to join a Boulder-based FinTech startup? Ready to help shape the future of the home financing industry?

Neat Capital is building a talented workforce that is bold and committed to cleaning up the entire mortgage process, and we are currently seeking motivated college graduates for our rotational training program.

Neat’s rotational program exposes talented new grads to different roles on our team while providing executive-level access and mentorship along the way. This competitive six-month program is designed to provide a high-impact learning experience and increase readiness for future roles within Neat Capital through challenging cross-functional positions, mentoring relationships, and strategic projects.

Upon successful completion of the program, high performing individuals can fast-track their careers and land a spot in highly coveted positions in our extraordinarily fast-growing enterprise in areas like operations (processing, underwriting and closing), marketing, sales and sales support, capital markets, and product development.

Do you have what it takes to enter our rotational program?

  • Have a strong desire and motivation to develop your career
  • Demonstrate strong verbal and written communications skills
  • Be able to multitask and problem solve
  • Be willing to learn and work independently
  • Have flexibility, organization, and poise under time constraints and deadlines
  • Be able to listen effectively, ask questions for clarification and guidance
  • Have strong work ethic and personal responsibility to see things through to completion
  • Possess a commitment to customer service and professionalism both externally and internally (with other departments and/ or business partners).
  • Consider yourself fantastically computer savvy

Why Work at Neat Capital

  • We collaborate across the entire organization, fully embrace a “confidence without arrogance” policy, and genuinely seek to learn from each other.
  • We do the right thing: we always put the client above our own business interests, we value transparency, and we seek to have a positive impact on our community. In fact, 1% of our company equity has been donated to charity, and we are looking to build a team of folks that can help us make an impact. If you have a cause you’d like to volunteer for, even during office hours, please let us know how we can support.
  • We strive to create a diverse workspace, and we value people’s personal and professional lives. If you can contribute a different point of view, even if you are new to our industry, community, or toolkit, we’d love to hear from you. We strive to create a diverse workspace in all ways possible.
  • Many of us are outdoor enthusiasts with love for all the awesome things to do in our wonderful state. We have a powder policy and are climbers, hikers, bikers, runners, and skiers.
  • Though this will at some point become a Boulder office-based position (when the world returns from working from home), we provide flexible schedules.
  • We celebrate the addition of new family to team members’ lives, and provide generous paid leave for new parents, including secondary caregivers.
  • There are unlimited career possibilities at this extraordinarily high growth group.

Compensation for Rotational Trainees

All trainees will receive an initial $42,000 of base salary and an immediately vested 4% 401k match. After successfully completing a trainee’s initial six months in the program, a trainee will receive a retention bonus of $1,000 and access to additional performance-based incentives with targets of 20-40% of base salary (based on role being performed, per below). Neat provides generous medical benefits, excellent vacation, and various perks such as health club sponsorship and free RTD passes.

Rotational Departments

No individual will be expected to work in all departments, and Neat will customize any rotational program based on a candidate’s interests and skill set.

  • Marketing, Sales & Customer Service
  • Operations: Processor and Loan Officer Assistant
  • Operations: Underwriter
  • Capital Markets/Lock Desk
  • Analytics, Accounting & Finance

About Neat Capital

The home loan process at large has become increasingly confusing and stressful to navigate. In other words, it’s been a real mess. When we decided to create Neat Capital, we started our mission to clean up the entire mortgage lending process. We wanted to leverage technology to analyze even the most complex financial situations. This way, we could approve and secure loans in a matter of days—instead of weeks. From there, we’d work backward to ensure each step of our lending process would be intuitive and transparent for our busy home buyers.

And we did just that. Neat re-built home financing so that even the most complex home loans could close 3x faster than the industry average.

As a FinTech company and mortgage lender, Neat works directly with home buyers, and also develops strong partnerships with real estate brokers, wealth managers, CPAs, and corporations. This way, no matter what part of the home-buying process you’re involved in—the home buyer’s journey from point A to B becomes more reliable, organized, and effortless.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $42,000.00 /year

Ready to Apply?

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