Benefits for Financial Advisors

Specializing in clients with unique financial situations.

Achieve faster, easier and more reliable results for your clients.

With Neat Capital’s one-step loan process, clients will know if their loan is fully approved within 48 hours of completing an application, including jumbo, self-employed and other complex borrowing situations. Our process allows clients to make competitive cash-like offers and close in under two weeks. We’re so certain about our process that for qualified applicants, we back up to $10,000 of their earnest money should a transaction fall through due to financing. 

We help your clients with a modern and transparent home loan process.

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Platinum Pre-Approval

Our online application automates the entire process, including underwriting.

Unique Situations

We specialize in jumbo loans, self-employed and other complex borrower situations.

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Access multiple rate options with certainty that you qualify.


Strengthen your negotiation power with our cash-like Platinum Pre-Approval.

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Earnest $ Commitment

We back our clients by refunding their earnest money if we fail to close.

Two Week Closing

Move through deals faster. We’re able to clear loans to close in less than two weeks.

Schedule a Demo

Our Business Development team is ready to give you a tour and demonstration of our powerful underwriting software. You’ll learn how we’ll delight your clients.

Grow your business and gain referrals.

Competitive rates are just the beginning. The ease of our loan process can help you strengthen client relationships and prove your value as a trusted partner across their financial profiles. 

Start the relationship.

Want to learn more about how we can help you help your clients? Send us a message and we'll be in touch.