20 Minutes

Getting Started on the Loan Application

Please plan on 20 minutes to complete our application. We ask for more information than most other online applications to prevent follow-up requests for additional information. This eliminates common surprises that prevent a timely closing.

Please have the following information on hand


Gross income from each source (employer, self-employed earnings, etc.). You’ll connect with your payroll provider (ADP, Paychex, etc.) by logging into your account OR you’ll upload two years of W2s and at least 2 paystubs.​

Real Estate

Information on any real estate properties owned (address, debt, rental income, etc.)​

Other Assets

Simply share this information with us by linking your checking account, bank, brokerage or investment accounts.

Co-Borrower Information

If you are including a co-borrower (typically a spouse) you can easily add them to the application by selecting the “add a co-borrower” link. You’ll also need their social security number.​


You may be asked for documentation to support the information provided, including identification, anything impacting your credit score, and debts not listed in your credit history.  On the go? Fill out the application now and upload your documents later.

Your Loan is on its way!

Once you’ve uploaded all your documents, we’re able to close your loan in as little as 2 weeks.


If you have any questions on our loan application, please call us at 888-210-5232. We’ll provide a single, personalized point of contact to help you. We can even view the same screens you’re looking at to walk you through the process.