Cynthia Ramsey

Senior Home Loan Advisor, NMLS #275781


Meet Cynthia

Cynthia Ramsey is a Sr Loan Advisor at Neat Capital, serving the states of California and Oregon, currently. Cynthia has been a banker for 30 years, with 24 years as a Sr MLO, working for Chase (10 years), as well as The Boston Company, of Mellon Bank, BOA, and GMAC, among others. The highlight of Cynthia’s career is overall, client retention and training of new Loan Officers. 
Ms. Ramsey lives in Eugene, OR with her Blue Chow, Bella, and her daughter, Sara, just a few minutes away. She likes to hike, go rafting, swim, golf and is a travel enthusiast, having been to Argentina 14 times, then embarking on a 3 month trip to Europe (multiple countries, mostly by Rail), beginning with training in Denmark for a specific Reflexology, and ending in Southern England, with good friends and her daughter. The most recent trip was to Ireland and England. Cynthia supports several charities of a variety and volunteers time to a handful of these on a local level, doing benefits and fundraising.
“My favorite thing about helping people is empowering them to make the best personal decisions by educating them, as to not be intimidated by the process. A home mortgage loan is very personal, and can bring out the infant in us all.
I would say my gift, if you will, is the intuition to recognize a moment; the right moment. An example of this is knowing when to challenge a decision, or pass. Such is the time I had husband and wife clients, both highly educated attorney’s, and one, a high ranking state official. They both also had their Real Estate licenses. Their appraisal came in $200,000. low, at a time when this was occurring frequently. The amount was glaring and the loan seemed unsalvageable. The clients and I made the decision to proceed with the challenge, due to the set of circumstances. We overturned the appraisal and obtained the correct value, closing the loan. It was not painless. I will never forget the Manager coming into my office at the conclusion saying, “You know, the fact that you overturned this, is good for the client, but says volumes about the current environment.” 
That was in 2009. He could not have been more correct. You cannot challenge all, so choose carefully, wisely and with good reason.”

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