Justin Carmichael

Director of Mortgage Lending, NMLS: 103105

Justin Carmichael

Meet Justin

Justin Carmichael is the Director of Mortgage Lending at Neat Capital. Prior to joining Neat, he served as a Vice President at Guaranteed Rate and previously spent seven years at Luxury Mortgage Corp as a Senior Mortgage Loan Originator. 

In the real estate and mortgage industry since 2005, he has helped customers achieve home ownership and savings on their mortgages. Justin strives to help people achieve their goals while getting the process done quickly and competitively. 

Justin believes in putting the power of mortgage lending into the hands of the homeowners, and he leverages Neat’s platform to let them know up-front all of the information needed while identifying possible trouble areas so that there are fewer headaches and unexpected issues or delays. 

Leverage the power of Neat's Platinum Application

Cash-like offer in 2 days

Buyers receive official approval to make a cash-like offer in as little as 48 hours.

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$10,000 backed

Buyers with an approved home loan are backed with an extra level of financial security.

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Clear to close 3x faster

Buyers could go from applying for a loan to closing on their home in just two weeks.

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