Neat Capital Launches Three-Minute Pre-Approval Home Loan Application

BOULDER, Colo. April 4, 2019–Fintech company Neat Capital LLC today announced the launch of an instant-pre approval digital application that takes bowers an unprecedented just three minutes to complete using only a soft credit pull. The mobile experience delivers a pre-approval letter straight to a borrower’s phone—where most mortgage applications are initiated.

The app is designed for borrowers actively looking for homes who need to receive a pre-approval letter in real-time.

Often, filling out a pre-approval application and having to wait for a person to contact the applicant over a weekend, when most buyers are visiting homes, causes a delay that could lose them valuable time in submitting a winning bid. This technology allows buyers to gain a competitive edge by being the first to make an offer.

By only requiring a soft-credit pull, the app is valuable for buyers who may need to make multiple offers in highly competitive markets, which remains critical as low inventory continues to be a top housing trend in 2019.

“This innovative application will be a major benefit to home buyers who need to act fast – or risk losing their dream home,” said Loan Officer Justin Carmichael. “This solution allows me to provide 24-7 service to my clients, even when I’m not available. This will make a huge difference where timing is critical.”

This application is seamlessly integrated with Neat Capital’s one session lending platform, which provides clients with the ability to provide a fully underwritten cash-like offer. 

Learn more about the instant pre-approval and get started here:

About Neat Capital 

Neat Capital is a fintech company founded in 2015 by mortgage industry experts using technology to achieve unparalleled speed, certainty and transparency in home financing. The company is based in Boulder, CO.

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