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Why Wealth Managers Partner with Neat?

At Neat, we know that as a wealth manager, you can expand your business both by acquiring new clients and by maximizing assets for your existing ones. But you might just be missing a considerable opportunity…one that can help you deepen relationships with your clients while optimizing their wealth over the long run.  

A unique approach to strengthening your business and client relationships is to shift your focus from your clients’ assets to their debts. Restructuring your client’s debt, through cash-out refinance or debt consolidation, can leverage their equity and allow them to invest more in annuities. This can, in turn, increase assets under management and improve your clients’ long-term financial well-being. 

Historically, wealth managers have avoided debt restructure for a few reasons. First, it can be challenging to get relevant mortgage rate and home equity data. Further, obtaining a mortgage can be time-consuming, non-transparent, and often frustrating. And finally, there has been a dearth of tools wealth managers could access to determine which mortgage options best fit their clients’ needs. At Neat, we’ve designed our tools to address each of those concerns. 

Neat was made for homeowners and wealth managers

Neat Capital’s suite of solutions helps you chart the best course of action for your clients and streamlines the lending process, resulting in more satisfied customers and stronger client relationships.

The Neat Capital Wealth Maximizer Tool identifies a sub-set of clients who are highly likely to benefit from a cash-out or debt consolidation, and our Portal for Wealth Managers lets you collaborate with the loan officer and clients throughout the process.

Partnering with Neat on restructure can help you proactively work with clients to optimize their investments, deepening relationships and retaining their business. We don’t compete in the wealth management space, and we don’t drop rates to entice clients to move assets, so you won’t have to worry about losing your hard-earned business.

Neat’s proprietary technology streamlines the lending process from start to finish. Real-time underwriting during the application process reduces the lending timeline by 70%.

Our exclusive program discounts through Neat help you save your clients money.

We specialize in clients with complex financial situations. With Neat Capital’s one-step loan process, clients will know if their loan is fully approved within 48 hours of completing an application, including jumbo, self-employed and other complex borrowing situations.

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