Platinum Pre-Approval

Our clients can make a cash-like offer without a loan contingency – backed with a $10,000 earnest money guarantee.

Neat Capital delivers a modern approach to home lending that's efficient, transparent, and allows you to close faster.

We believe clients deserve better, and created a process and technology that allows us to eliminate many of the inefficiencies so common in home lending. Our unique approach allows us to be experts in special situations such as jumbo loans, or in working with borrowers that are self-employed, own businesses, or invest in real estate.

Home loans engineered for efficiency.

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Our online application automates the entire process, including underwriting.

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Cash-Like Offer

A Platinum Pre-Approval allows our clients to make a cash-like offer.

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Earnest $ Commitment

We back our clients by refunding their earnest money if we fail to close.

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A Better Pre-Approval

A Platinum Pre-Approval from Neat Capital means the client’s credit approval has been completed. Our operations team has reviewed, verified, and signed off on their income, assets, and credit history. The client comfortably exceeds the standards required by the loan program, and is positioned with strength to finance the outlined loan amount.

Terms & Conditions

Once Platinum Pre-Approved, our client’s credit approval has been completed. Which means that our operations team has reviewed, verified, and signed off on their income, assets, and credit history.

A Platinum Pre-Approval means that Neat Capital is committed to funding our client’s loan unless there are any issues that arise specific to the property. These issues may include, but are not limited to; appraised value, property condition, lack of clear title, insurability, and litigation.

If our client’s elect to waive their mortgage contingency, and Neat Capital is unable to deliver financing due to something that we overlooked during our upfront review, and as a result their escrow funds are put at risk, and ultimately released to the seller, Neat Capital will refund the full amount of their loss up to $10,000.

Our client’s Platinum Pre-Approval is valid for 60 days, provided all submitted data is accurate and their financial position does not materially change.

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Platinum Pre-Approval?

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