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Home Buying Steps

Getting your Loan and Buying your Home

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Step 1: Complete the Loan Application in just 20 minutes

Provide Information

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    You'll need identification and income for each person on the application
  • Link Accounts icon
    Link to Bank Accounts, Investment Accounts, and Income Sources
  • Upload Documents icon
    Upload documents for identification, anything impacting your credit score & debts not in your credit history

Get Personalized Options

We've run through thousands of loan scenarios just for your situation. For example, we can show you the impact on your interest rate of putting more money down if you're buying.

Ready to Complete your Application?

Reach out to us with any questions as you complete the application. We can even co-browse the application with you and guide you step by step.

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Step 2: Receive a Platinum Pre-Approval

What you get

Full loan approval in 24-48 hours that gives you the ability to compete with an all-cash offer.

What you'll like

Minimal paperwork and negotiating power with certainty of close. We'll back your earnest money if we fail to close.

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Step 3: Make Your Offer on a Home!

Make your offer! With our Platinum Pre-Approval, your offer is as reliable as an all-cash offer, giving you negotiating power. Both you and the seller will have certainty of close.

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Step 4: Lock-in Your Rate & Secure Financing

As soon as you make an offer on a home, you can lock in the interest rate to avoid the risk of a rise in rates prior to loan closing. You'll just give us the property address and confirm you want to move forward with financing with us. We'll finalize your loan in 2-3 weeks. Just let us know!

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Step 5: Get your Inspection, Appraisal, and Title


You or your Realtor will be responsible for negotiating repairs or pricing adjustments. You do not need to involve us in the process.


We rush order all appraisals to make sure they do not hold up the process.


We handle clearing title-related items and will alert you of any issues that would prevent a clean transfer of ownership to you.

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Step 6: Close on Your Home

We'll schedule closing and will send you all the documents needed to close in advance.

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Ready to Submit an Application?

Thoughout the process, we'll provide you with a single point of contact.