Benefits for Real Estate Agents

Get faster, easier and more reliable results for your clients.

Connect your clients with the options they need.

We know that certainty is critical when helping your clients get a home loan. In fact, we’re so certain about our process that for qualified applicants, we back up to $10,000 of their earnest money should a transaction fall through due to financing. 

With Neat Capital’s one-step loan process, clients will know if their loan is fully approved within 48 hours of completing an application and be able to make competitive cash-like offers plus be clear to close in under two weeks. We also specialize in special situations like jumbo loans or self-employed borrowers.

Home loans engineered for efficiency.

Platinum Pre-Approval

Our online application automates the entire process, including underwriting.

Unique Situations

We specialize in jumbo loans, self-employed and other complex borrower situations.


Access multiple rate options with certainty that you qualify.


Strengthen your negotiation power with our cash-like Platinum Pre-Approval.

Earnest $ Commitment

We back our clients by refunding their earnest money if we fail to close.

Two Week Closing

Move through deals faster. We’re able to clear loans to close in less than two weeks.

Partner with Neat

Learn about how a clean offer program can benefit your business and your clients.


A Better Open House

We believe in the power of technology for a better mortgage process. One pretty neat way we’re doing that is through our open house kiosks where you can digitally capture important client information.

Personalized Service

You and your client will always have one point of contact to work with to ensure consistent ownership of a deal. You’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way.

Get in touch.

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