Benefits for Realtors

Our online application automates the entire process, including underwriting.

The result is a faster, easier and more reliable process for both Realtors and your clients.

Platinum Pre-Approval Icon

Platinum Pre-Approval

We only issue our platinum pre-approval once we’ve checked credit, validated income, assets and supporting documentation provided in our online application.
Earnest Money Commitment Icon

Earnest $ Commitment

We back our clients by refunding their earnest money if we fail to close.

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2 Week Closing

Move through deals faster – we’re able to clear loans to close in less than two weeks.

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You'll be matched with clients in your area who don't yet have Realtors.

  • Gain new clients
  • Close with certainty
  • Access affluent clientele

No Surprises

Most surprises in the home buying process can prevent a loan from closing. We take pride in reviewing and validating the complete customer scenario within 48 hours. You’ll have confidence that the deal will close once you’re under contract.

One Point of Contact

You’ll always have one person to work with to ensure consistent ownership of a deal. Neither you, nor your client, will get lost in the system.

Stronger Offer

Stronger Offer

By analyzing and validating borrower information up front, we enable clean, cash-like offers with no financing contingencies. We’ll even back your client’s earnest money should they fail to close due to an issue with financing.

Better for your client


Jumbo Loan Experts

Does your client have non-traditional income sources such as self-employment, a business or real estate investments? Our loan originators specialize in analyzing complex finances and income streams, so we’ll guide your client every step of the way. We can close jumbo loans as quickly as conventional loans.


Expedited Process

The client will provide all their information in a simple, 20-minute online application, customized for their situation. They’ll link accounts and electronically verify their employment and income. Dedicating an extra 5 minutes up front minimizes ongoing paperwork.



Let us help your clients

We’ll reach out to your client and get them started with their loan application. You’ll also be kept in the loop on the status.