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Justin Carmichael

Justin Carmichael
Director of Mortgage Lending
NMSL 103105

Justin believes in putting the power of mortgage lending into the hands of the homeowners, and he leverages Neat’s platform to let them know up-front all of the information needed while identifying possible trouble areas so that there are fewer headaches and unexpected issues or delays.

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Jimmy Izzo
Jimmy Izzo

Business Development Associate

Jimmy Izzo was born and raised in Westport, Ct and has been an active member of the community for over 30 years. A local small business owner for over 29 years, an elected member of the RTM since 2011 and a member of numerous town boards and local charitable organizations, Jimmy always works hard to make Westport a better place to live and work.  Jimmy is an avid golfer and dog owner and can be seen most days shaking hands and mixing it up with local business owners and town officials.  Working with Neat Capital as a Business Development professional allows Jimmy the opportunity to provide simple and efficient home ownership solutions to those looking to move to our neighborhoods.
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Catrina Hegarty

Business Development

Catrina has over 15 years of experience in the mortgage, finance and marketing industries with a focus on developing and servicing client relationships. She prides herself on her excellent customer service and attention to detail and believes that the most successful business partnerships must be mutually beneficial. As a Business Development professional at Neat Capital, Catrina sees the value in the cutting edge, completely transparent Neat Capital platform and works hard each day to introduce the tremendous benefits this brings to her vast network of real estate professionals, financial advisors and business partners.
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Yari Usherov

Business Development Associate

Based in the Northeast, Yari has over 20 years of experience in various areas of financial services with a focus on marketing and distribution. Yari has developed a strong knowledge of financial markets and client finances over his years in the industry and prides himself on delivering excellent customer service for all of his business partners. Yari, his wife and their baby boy enjoy hiking with their dogs, bike riding and pretty much anything outdoors. They strive to stay active in the local community.
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A “Lead” shall mean a referral of a potential borrower from a financial professional (such as a financial advisor, realtor, employee of corporate affinity program, wealth manager, or CPA) secured by the Employee’s efforts, where the referral results in a borrower submitting client contact information, inclusive of expected loan amount, on the Employee’s specific landing page created by Neat Capital with the required lead generator regulatory disclosure, prior to beginning an application with Neat Capital.