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Why Neat?

When we decided to create Neat Capital, we started our mission to clean up the entire mortgage lending process. We wanted to leverage technology to analyze even the most complex financial situations. This way, we could approve and secure home loans in a matter of days—instead of weeks. From there, we’d work backward to ensure each step of our lending process would be intuitive and transparent for our busy home buyers.

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How Neat Works.

We work hard behind the scenes so you don’t have to. Our refreshingly neat platform serves up only the questions that are relevant to you. Nothing more, nothing less.  We provide real-time underwriting so that once your Platinum Pre-approval application is complete—you really are ready to go. You’ll have everything you need to make a competitive, cash-like offer on the home (or homes) you’ve got your eye on. The best part is, you’ll have complete visibility into the process from start to finish. It’s quick, clean, and all about you.


You’re free to feel absolutely secure,
informed, and at ease with your home purchase.


We’ve de-cluttered the approval process so you can make an offer the same day. 


Finding the right house is complicated enough, your mortgage shouldn’t have to be. 

We’ve designed a modern approach to home financing, closing home loans 3x faster than the industry average. Discover more about Neat.

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